Die berg komt er!

As an archaeologist, I wonder what the archaeological implications of such a Berg (Mountain) would be. In a way, burying the landscape below a Berg will preserve the potential archaeological remains below it. But what if the Berg would need foundations? And this is quite likely to be the case in the Netherlands. How do the effort and costs of the archaeological work required under Dutch law relate to the value of the Berg?
Is the Berg to be mined in the future? What archaeological consequences will that have?
But what I find most intriguing, is what archaeology the building and the use of the Berg will create? Undoubtedly, the creation, use and maintenance of the Berg will change the questions asked by Alpine Archaeologists in the future!

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Niet de berg is het eeuwige, maar het verganglijke, het veranderende van de berg is het eeuwige. J. Slauerhoff

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2 responses to “Die berg komt er!

  1. I’d be more worried that Europe will tip over and France might slip into the English Channel?

  2. Don’t worry… this crazy “mountain -idea” was planned for the Flevopolder, and no-one yet knows the consequences for the change of the wetter in the wider, international region.The polder is very rich in buried archaeological sites, so it costs huge sums of money to investigate a big area like this. I do not think this mountain – amusement park – will be build here.

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