short cv

I am currently working on a PhD project on the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Switzerland and eastern France, studying chaînes opératoired and use wear traces on chipped stones artefacts from two sites (see the “projects” section). During the past decade and a half I have also worked as a project director and site director for a number of companies and archaeological units in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The projects included large area excavations, research fieldwork, surveys and test-trenching projects:

  • the Netherlands (e.g. for ADC ArcheoProjekten, Archol, Archeo-Media, Synthegra Archeologie, Bureau Archeologie Gemeente Nijmegen; Mesolithic and Modern Age and about everything in-between); and
  • Switzerland (e.g. for the Kantonsarchäologie Kanton Aargau, the Kantonsarchäologie Luzern, the Archäologischer Dienst Bern, the Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden and ProsPect GmbH; Mesolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman period, early and Late Medieval).

Throughout the past 16 years, I have been part of a number of research projects in various functions (excavator, trench supervisor, shared site director):

  • Traversar – survey project of some of the main passes of the canton of the Grisons
  • Bregaglia, Val Forno-Plan Canin
  • Rückwege/Silvretta Historica – Archäologie in der Silvretta (University of Zürich), Switzerland
  • Muotatal-Prospektionsprojekt / Blackenalp & Surenenpass-Geissrüggen, Uri, Switzerland
  • Schweizer Institut für Ägyptische Bauforschung und Altertumskunde, Cairo, Egypt (Swiss Institute) – Assuan,  Areas 13 and 15
  • Notre Dame University, USA and CBRL, Jordan – Dhra’ Excavations, Jordan
  • Reading University, UK and Historic Scotland, UK -The Aberdeen Stone Circle Excavations, Scotland
  • Reading University, UK and CBRL, Jordan – The Dana-Faynan-Ghuwayr Early Prehistory Project, Jordan
  • Lethbridge University, Canada and Koninklijke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium – Veldwezelt-Hezerwater, Belgium
  • University of Leicester, UK – Bollihope, co. Durham, UK

I have also taught (e-learning) courses on alpine archaeological methodology and stone age and later prehistoric Europe at the Institut für Archäologie, Universität Zürich.

Feel free to contact me for a full CV.


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